buggy dubrovnik adventure tour


Prepare to be amazed by our adventure tour in Dubrovnik – spectacular views and wilderness 5 minutes from the Old town of Dubrovnik. Driving through the hills and fields you will get in touch with nature and clean up your mind. It is really up to you how far you will go & for some, only the sky is the limit.

Dubrovnik Buggy Safari is the ultimate fun activity for people of all ages. Program lasts about one hour and you get to drive the road, see ex mine fields and sights from the recent war, fortresses, animals, woods, dramatic sights and amazing 360°view of the whole Dubrovnik area, islands and mountains behind the hill. It is very easy to find and join us because we are located just behind the upper cable car station and tours run on every full hour from 09:00-19:00 so just pop up anytime you like or contact us if you would like us to arrange the transportation from Dubrovnik for you at the affordable rate.


“If you love taking photos and having fun you MUST do this”

This was a great family activity? We all learnt some local history, had an opportunity to take stunning photos and had SO MUCH FUN. What more could you ask for. Please note that you are going to be full of dust afterwards so take along some wet wipes.

91lisap123, October, 2016

“Pure fun”

On top of the Srdj one can enjoy off-road driving in buggies. Vehicles are good and nature is really astonishing.

Leo P, October, 2016


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.

Why we need adventures?

It doesn't matter when is the last time you had an adventure, but it is important how do you feel about it Do you have that feeling – Oh God I Did it, and it was awesome!!! So cool memory, so good feeling. And that feeling, that memory is the best answer why we need adventures, and why you should try Buggy Safari Dubrovnik! Let's start from the beginning. At first, you weren't so sure about taking an adventure. It is usually not so comfy like having coffee time in some beautiful place. But, you know what, coffee or refreshing [...]

Thank you, summer, welcome autumn!

Thank you, summer, for so wonderful time we spent together. We enjoyed at maximum, but we have to admit we are excited about fall. Here, in Dubrovnik, sunny days usually last more. There are some rainy days, but we like it because it gives a new dimension to our Dubrovnik Buggy safari tour. Are you ready to see how Buggy safari looks like after a rainy day? Come and see it. It will be even more adventurous now. And the good thing it's not soo hot. Autumn in Dubrovnik can be beautiful. You can enjoy the sun, and in the [...]