Happiness is a state of activity. There are no limits.

Buggy Safari is something you don’t wanna miss & we’ll tell you why! Srdj Hill is the spot where safari takes place, however you will explore area around Bosanka as well. Driving through the Srdj hill and fields will get you in touch with nature and clean up your mind. It is really up to you how far you will go & for some,  only the sky is the limit. Our job is to guide you and make you come back safe. We build our trust since 2009 & it has been recognized as “it” choice when it comes to fun rides. Our team of professionals will provide all needed information, instructions and lot of care and kindness. We are out there for you! And remember if you want something you never had, than you have to do something you’ve never done before!


We work with the very best. Proud of our partners, gladly we present them. Together we deliver supreme service, therefore expect nothing less.